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I can totally fix that

What do you mean, it's not broken?

She's a Minicon. She's also a geek. If anyone asks her how someone her size manages to become such a large car she'll tell them. Whether or not they understand the techno-babble is anyone's guess.

Human sized, dark purple with a head that looks like a box wearing sunglasses. She has got eyebrow kind of things, and so emotes pretty well. Her utter passion is the car you see in her pictures; the Mercedes SLR McLaren, and she can spend days obsessed with it. But she's also a very good mechanic and can fix nearly anything that comes her way. She was lost after the war, her memory wiped due to stasis disk damage. But now she's back on Cybertron, finding hints of the femme she used to be and earning her own place among the Minicon ranks.

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"Shoot it!"
"With what??"
"...You don't have guns???"
"They messed up the lines of the Benz!"

((Disclaimer: Nightwind is mine. Minicons and Transformers aren't. Neither is the lovely car in the picture. This is a non profit rp journal.))
avoiding powerlinx, car magazines, fixing things, hiding out, mercedes sl mclaren, staying away from bulks, staying free, the boss, tinkering